Motorola Solutions Acquires VaaS International Holdings, Leader in Data and Image Analytics for Vehicle Location


VaaS International Holdings, Inc. is the leading global provider of AI-driven image capture and analysis technology. Structured as a holding company with two wholly-owned subsidiaries, Digital Recognition Network (DRN) and Vigilant Solutions, each individual company focuses strategically on applicable commercial and public-sector markets. Though each company is distinct, best practices and strategies are shared across VaaS to implement solutions in a customer-centered approach.

With a deep and wide moat bolstered by nearly 20 intellectual property patents, VaaS looks continuously to the future and the needs of its customers to innovate and build smarter technology.  VaaS products and services are shaping communities from Bangladesh to Boston by giving local, state and national agencies, as well as small and large businesses and corporations, the tools to better manage risk and prevent or solve crimes with real-time analysis.

AI technology – artificial AND actionable intelligence

When VaaS says smarter technology, it means technology that has the ability to both learn from data and predict potential outcomes. Built around machine learning and machine vision capabilities, this customer-centered and data-driven approach is what allows VaaS to keep innovating. From its origins as a leader in the field of automated license plate recognition (ALPR) image capture to today’s fusing of data to search for connections in thousands of images, VaaS technology gets smarter every day.  VaaS not only wants to manage risk, it also wants to assist its customers in saving time and money by helping put intelligence into action – preventing incidents before they happen to the best extent possible.

Vigilant Solutions’ technology helps law enforcement solve crimes faster to keep officers and communities safe. A leader in image recognition and data analytics for the public safety market internationally, Vigilant Solutions provides automated license plate recognition (ALPR), facial recognition, ballistic analysis, firearm mapping and body worn camera technology to deliver intelligence to agencies across the globe. Built for agencies of all sizes, Vigilant Solutions’ technology increases investigative efficiency, generates more leads, connects cases and reduces crimes with advanced analytics, billions of nationwide commercial ALPR detections and hosted facial recognition and ballistic image galleries.

Digital Recognition Network (DRN) is a leading provider of data and analytics to the Financial Services, Insurance, Asset Recovery and Automotive Recall industries. Our solutions enable our clients to more effectively optimize their portfolios, reduce losses, detect fraud, manage risk and locate vehicles at risk. An industry pioneer in vehicle location data and license plate recognition technology and services, DRN covers every major metropolitan area in the United States and maintains the largest vehicle location database under strict standards of privacy, compliance and data integrity. 

Vigilant Solutions in action
Missing child recovery

A 15-year old girl was abducted in New York by an undocumented immigrant. She was taken to Maryland and held against her will while being sexually assaulted. A multi-state task force used Vigilant’s License Plate Recognition database to find the kidnapper’s vehicle. Shortly thereafter, the girl was rescued and the suspect was arrested.

DRN in action
Uncovering Garaging Fraud

To identify potential garaging fraud issues, DRN first created a VIN-to-license plate “match” process to provide license plates and state registration information for each vehicle. Next, DRN applied vehicle location sightings for these plates and compared them to garaging addresses. As a result, DRN’s Garage Aware sees upwards of 10% of a carrier’s book of vehicles with out-of-state registrations providing new garaging locations to enable carriers to properly rate risk. For one large national carrier, just over 8,000 vehicles represented over $2 million in possible annual rate evasion.

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